November 30, 2021

Manage your POC Data Headache

Relaymed has been designed to be the POC data management solution you actually need in primary care to ensure your…

Relaymed has been designed to be the POC data management solution you actually need in primary care to ensure your lab is fit for today — not what a hospital needs or the overkill of a LIS.

Lab tests influence 70% of medical decisions. It’s absolutely imperative then for you to have a solution to ensure these can be relied upon. And one that can give you compliance assurance across all POC devices and testing locations, for both CLIA waived and nonwaived testing.

Our intuitive web portal — myRelaymed — is where you can access and report on all the POC data you need. We store data forever, so you can go back as far in time as you need.

Quality Controls

Quality Controls (QCs) are important as they give confidence that your results are accurate and reliable. Incorrect QC results can alert you about potential problems. Keeping a log of QCs which can be easily retrieved is a CLIA requirement.

Relaymed ensures that all QCs run are automatically logged, eliminating this manual work. With this assurance and visibility, you can harness QC reports to learn from trends and patterns, by device, location, date and time. These can also be downloaded so you can play with your data!

Knowing which tests are working and being performed correctly will assist your POC data management strategy, helping you to identify problems and improve care.

Reagent lot tracking

Relaymed allows the reagent lot numbers to be reported alongside the patient test and QC results. We get these from the device, if transmitted, or you can enter on the portal.


Need Levey-Jennings graphs? No problem, as in some states this is mandatory. Relaymed can monitor Quantitative QC via Levey-Jennings graphs. All the necessary supporting data (lot numbers expiry, levels, known ranges) can be entered easily in our portal. Together with the automatically captured QC results, graphs are generated and reports downloadable as PDFs.

Operator ID

If you want to track the operator who conducted a patient test or QC, you got it. Simply enter the operator ID in the device and it’s automatically saved.

Performing location

For CLIA compliance, you’ll need to report the performing location. Relaymed will record this with all results, across all locations.

Demographic reference ranges

Neither device or EHR vendors can be relied upon to support demographic reference ranges. So Relaymed fills this gap. Ranges can be configured for multiple demographics based on sex or age, for any test type.

Abnormal flags

We record any abnormal flags transmitted by the device, so you can report on it.


And if any specific notes on observations from devices are created, we’ll even record those too.

POC data management. Done.

The bottom line. Relaymed is the solution to your POC data management headache, as CLIA compliance comes from instant digital access to all your POC data from all your devices, across all locations — now without leaving your desk.

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