Designed for the physician office laboratory.

Now a primary care connectivity solution is available.

We saw first hand the problems and inefficiencies with POCT physician practices were suffering. Seeing the struggle with paper printouts was crazy! What was worse was the mind blowing cost and complexity of connectivity — designed for the hospital, not outpatient locations.

So we built Relaymed to be disruptive. And innovative. We designed Relaymed specifically for the needs of primary care — and answered them with an automated and affordable solution. Now ANY physician practice who conducts point-of-care testing can benefit from connectivity.

Built for primary care

Scale for enterprise.

Hundreds of locations and devices? No problem.


We built Relaymed to scale, no matter the size of your organization. That’s the joy of the cloud, that you can build a solution as suitable for a single provider office as it is for hundreds. We recognized that enterprise organizations needed a connectivity solution that could scale, without ridiculous cost and complexity.

Because without connectivity, POC coordinators must dash between locations in order to manage POC testing (commonly referred to as the ‘sneakernet’) with practices spread far and wide across their service area.

You may have looked at other connectivity solutions or even a laboratory information system (LIS), but these simply cannot affordably scale to cover all your outpatient locations. Relaymed can.

Scale For Enterprise