myRelaymed Portal

A single portal for all management and documentation needs.

Visibility, control and documentation.

The myRelaymed management portal gives you visibility and control over your point of care testing program. Within the management portal you can remotely view all testing activities and deal with any issues in real-time to keep your workflow running smoothly.

Features of our management portal

The management portal shows you a clear view of every test that has not been sent to the EHR due to a workflow issue. You can make adjustments to the test and match to the correct order to resend the result to the EHR.

The myRelaymed management portal also allows for manual entry of non-device testing such as lateral flow tests. These tests are then recorded and sent to the EHR so that all point-of-care tests you conduct are available for you to view and manage in a single portal, ensuring consistency across all types.

You can also review all your users, device connections, tests and locations no matter where they are, and ensure standardization with centralized settings such as reference range.

Within MyRelaymed you can view a detailed report of every patient test and QC test run so you’re never scrambling to find your documentation.

  • Reviewed by lab accreditation agencies, this feature covers your CLIA patient test report obligations. 
  • Reporting includes lab location, patient details, reference ranges, operator, specimen collection date and more.
  • An electronic library of all patient tests and QC tests run is available for you to review and download at any time.

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