Point of Care Device Interfaces

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At Relaymed, our goal was to produce a lightweight, streamlined connectivity solution, which minimizes the amount of implementation time and effort required to get devices connected.

It’s so easy that you can do it on your own, but, if you need them our activation specialists are there to help you, working with you one-on-one. They can assist in all aspects of the implementation to make sure you hit the ground running in no time.

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We’re Open

Relaymed is vendor agnostic. We connect with all the leading point-of-care testing devices to create a large and constantly expanding ecosystem. 

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And as device connections are unlimited, we knew we’d need something pretty clever to be plug and play to cover them all.

Relaymed Software Agent

Our commitment to open connectivity is why we built the Relaymed Software Agent, a lightweight application (a .NET Framework, running as a Windows Service) that is installed locally on a desktop or centrally on a server. Its purpose is to manage all your device connections and move the data received securely to our cloud. It can be installed on any of the following Windows based operating systems:

  • Desktop: Windows 8.1, 10, 11.
  • Server: Windows Server 2012 (R2), Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022.

To ensure that your data remains safe and secure, all communication from the software agent is carried out on an HTTPS connection, and encrypted using TLS 1.2.

The Relaymed Software Agent can handle everything. A single server installation can connect all your locations and devices, even if there’s hundreds of them. 

The beauty of the software agent is once installed, that’s it. Unlike old connectivity solutions, there’s no need for individual device drivers. It doesn’t matter if you change devices or add new ones, you won’t need to go back and install anything further.

To reduce complexity and allow our solution to work completely in the background, all our device interfaces are unidirectional, existing to send patient test and QC results from the device to our cloud. This makes our solution scalable and universal, while keeping costs low.

To ensure our Relaymed is truly universal, the software agent communicates with devices using all of the POCT connectivity standards, such as HL7, ASTM or POCT1-A. We work with everything, so it really is plug and play for you. 

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Device Connectivity

You don’t need to buy new devices, we connect what you already have! Some need more help than others, which is why we support connecting to devices in numerous different ways. More modern devices though will likely have Ethernet connectivity already, which simply plug into your network and are ready to talk to the Relaymed Software Agent. 

If networking connectivity to a device is not an option (typically because they only have a serial output for printing) we can still connect! In this situation all you need is a serial-to-Ethernet adapter, which our customer success team can assist with.

Alternatively, so we can work with all devices, they can be connected directly to an adjacent PC running the software agent, using a USB or serial cable.

The final step is to go into the individual device menu options and enter the IP address of where you installed the software agent. Once set you can forget as everything will now flow automatically. 

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