CLIA Compliance

Audits become effortless.

CLIA compliance as well as other federal and state regulations is important in maintaining the revenue streams and reputation of your practice. Failure to provide accurate and complete records can lead to denied or reduced insurance claims, or – more alarmingly – practices being made to repay claims that have already been processed.

Audits and inspections are commonplace, on behalf of both insurance companies and regulatory agencies. Therefore, it is in the best interest of a practice to have immediate access to records that are up to date and accurate, as required for CLIA compliance. Without automated device to EHR connectivity, audits can be time consuming, and the outcome can be costly.

CLIA compliance, by Relaymed

By using Relaymed, you won’t ever have to worry about audits again, as all patient records and quality control (QC) results are easily accessible and stored with 100% accuracy. When audits come around, you will have records immediately at hand, knowing that there is no potential for insurance claims being reduced, denied or requiring repayment.

During CLIA inspections, both patient test results and logs for quality control can be requested. Can you be sure you have these today? With Relaymed, any worries about CLIA compliance and resulting any fines or suspension are eliminated.

What’s more, you can rest assured that there is no potential for breaching data security laws. Our cloud storage system adheres to key security standards and is completely secure.

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