Data Flows.

The modern point-of-care workflow.

How it works
Relaymed is a cloud based service that knows how to communicate with your devices and your EHR. Run a point-of-care test and results appear in the patient’s chart automatically, and of course, securely as structured data.

As part of the digital transformation of healthcare, we use modern technology, securely, to drive data. This ensures the IT implementation and ongoing support burden is minimal.

Devices Connect.

Through Relaylink. Connections are clever and scalable.

How devices connect
Relaymed connects all of your devices – across all locations – to our service, using a single software installation called the Relaylink. This sits in your network and relays all POCT results to our cloud.

To get going with Relaymed, all you have to do is download the Relaylink to a local PC, or centrally, on a server. Once this initial download is complete, all of your data can be transmitted securely to Relaymed. This avoids the use of clunky device drivers, meaning that your practice will be benefiting from device connectivity within minutes.

Implementation is easy

Data Handled.

100% accuracy, 100% security.

How we handle data
Relaymed is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST CSF assured. All data held is encrypted, within our U.S. based Microsoft Azure environment.

Once in our cloud, Relaymed can interpret the source of the data and ascertain where it should be filed. Using the unique patient identifier that is entered on the device, Relaymed collects open lab orders, and extended patient demographics from the EHR, to construct the complete message required.

100% data security

Dynamic Data.

We can work with your EHR.

How we send to EHRs
Relaymed has custom, secure integrations with each of the EHRs we work with. We optimize the workflow to the exact requirements of each EHR and guarantee its security and safety.

Relaymed uses the secure APIs or HL7 interfaces belonging to your EHR, to ensure that data arrives instantly when tests are submitted. And when we say instantly, we really mean it. Data will arrive on your patient’s chart within seconds of the test completion.

How we integrate