How data flows with Relaymed

We use modern technology to seamlessly move data, securely.

How data flows

The Relaymed ‘engine’ is cloud based. This is where all patient test results and quality controls are transmitted to and stored.

Our engine then gets the correct order from your EHR and puts the completed result back in the chart. Automatically and in real-time. And when you need to view and manage all your data just fire up any internet browser and log into the myRelaymed portal.

How devices connect to the cloud

It’s fast and easy, with just a single download.

Your point of care devices can’t connect to the internet themselves. So, we need to give them some help to connect or network them to a computer or server.

To avoid having to deal with individual drivers we built the Relaymed Software Agent, a lightweight application that can be downloaded on basically any computer. Once installed, any device within our compatible device list can be connected and start transmitting data to the cloud.

Learn more about device interfaces

How we transfer to the EHR

We have robust and real-time bi-directional interfaces.

How we send to EHRs
We have sophisticated EHR integrations to ensure results appear exactly where you need them, when you need them, without any work from your staff.

Relaymed pulls the correct order from your EHR, attaches it to the result coming from the device and pushes it into the EHR. Instantly. Results arrive in your EHR chart within seconds of test completion.

Our seamless EHR integration means your data is accurate and structured. Each integration is optimized to ensure the workflow really is seamless.

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How we protect patient data

We’ve doubled down on security safeguards.

How we handle data

Keeping protected health information (PHI) secure is our highest priority. With that in mind, we keep data safe and secure on our cloud by taking every precaution through each step of transmission and integration.

Relaymed goes beyond HIPAA compliance and follows the HITRUST framework, the leading and most widely recognized third-party security certification within healthcare. We do this so you can have peace of mind that as we meet trusted independent security benchmarks, your data is safe.

Relaymed is committed to continually working on security enhancements as technology changes. We’ve fostered a culture focused on safeguarding patient data.

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How you get started

Just try it, like Netflix!

With a monthly subscription and fast and easy setup, you can get started with Relaymed immediately. There’s no other solution you can say that about!

We’ve created the simplest setup and solution in healthcare. There’s no complexity or time consuming training to worry about. More locations can be easily added allowing you to grow at your own pace.

Try Relaymed now so you can then sit back and listen to your staff rave about how much easier their workflow is now.

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