EHR Integrations

When it comes to EHR integration, we’re subject matter experts. No matter which EHR you use, or the communication technology they support, we have a solution for you.

Our EHR Ecosystem

We customize EHR integrations doing all the heavy lifting and optimizing result flow. We integrate with all leading ambulatory EHR vendors. Our integrations focus on more than just sending results, we are building deep technical partnerships for optimized user experiences. 

Our EHR Integrations

Relaymed uses the existing HL7 lab interface of an EHR to integrate quickly and easily. The outbound orders and inbound results workflow automates transmission from our cloud. Orders are transmitted directly to our cloud, with all necessary information to identify the patient and test.

Once Relaymed matches an order with a test from a connected device, results are automatically sent to your EHR in just seconds. HL7 integrations are standard for most EHRs, so no costly customization is needed on your side. We simply tailor our message formats to your EHR’s existing HL7 lab interface.

Many EHRs have proprietary APIs for efficient and flexible integrations with 3rd party apps. Our unique integrations are tested for user experience and security, certified by the EHR, and optimized for immediate implementation.

Learn more about our proprietary EHR integrations for: Veradigm EHR, athenahealth EHR and more.

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