You're losing hours of staff time hand-charting test results.

Relaymed seamlessly connects your POC testing devices to your EHR & automatically matches results to orders.

Accurate, immediate data entry eliminates dangerous errors, creates time savings for your staff, and costs savings for your practice.

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Connections from over 70 devices to 25 EHRs

Automatically deliver test results to your EHR, including urinalysis, infectious disease (COVID, flu, strep, etc), diabetes, hematology, STIs, and more.

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How it works

Automate and Error-Proof your POC Testing Workflow

Chasing down test results.

Printing reports.

Hand-charting results into your EHR.

Fixing mistakes.

Troubleshooting errors.

When this is how your staff has to spend their time, team morale goes down – and the risk of patient harm goes up.

Relaymed automates the time-consuming, manual work of getting lab results into your EHR, which frees up staff to focus on patient care – and prevents the damages & costs that come from mistyped results.

Featured Case Study

Cape Regional Urgent Care: Complying with Mandated State Reporting

Read how Relaymed saved ten hours of staff time a week and decreased patient wait time by five minutes per test.

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How much time is manually transcribing POC test results costing you?

Even without the damages and penalty costs caused by mistyped test results, practices and clinics waste hours of time when staff members have to transcribe results manually. See the potential time savings that Relaymed could provide you.