Automate COVID state reporting

Ensure accurate, complete and on time submissions with the Relaymed State Reporting Module.

We understand that COVID state reporting is time consuming and can involve intensive manual processes. With COVID-19 we’ve seen the effect that mandated state reporting can have on ambulatory care locations.

The Relaymed State Reporting Module utilizes states’ Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) system to automate reporting of infectious disease results, including COVID-19, to your state department of health.

The basics

Relaymed has over 60 device interfaces to collect test results and over 20 EHR integrations to gather required patient demographic information for reporting purposes.

Now, in addition to sending this information to your EHR, we can send a complete submission directly to public health agencies by utilizing their ELR interfaces.

Covid State Reporting

With interfaces to devices for patient results, EHRs for patient demographics, and state ELRs for submission, Relaymed is able to create a full workflow for state reporting.

By fully automating this process, Relaymed eliminates all opportunities for manual data entry errors from end to end.

The details

We work with individual state departments of health to comply with their reporting guidelines and interface specifications. To find out the states we are connected and ready to report to please contact us.


Our interface is flexible and can deliver single results in real-time, or save for batch delivery of multiple results at specified times of day, depending on the preference of the state. No matter the technology your state is using, Relaymed can connect to it. If your organization is multi-state, Relaymed is a single solution for every state you need to report in.


Implementation is easy when you utilize the cloud. Our product is simple and lightweight to get up and running, requiring minimal IT effort. Just connect or network any lab device and it will instantly relay all transmitted data to our cloud. With interfaces to state ELRs already available we can quickly start reporting results to your state. That’s it.

Cost Effective

Just like our core Relaymed software, the State Reporting Module is simply charged as an affordable monthly subscription that allows unlimited state submissions.


With active interface monitoring, we ensure that all COVID state reporting submissions are successful. With Relaymed’s proven experience getting patient results to EHRs you can trust that we will make sure your state submissions are accurate, complete, and on time. We’ve got this!

To learn more about Relaymed’s State Reporting module, drop us a line.

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