Become Masters of Workflow Efficiency.

Say goodbye to manual data entry.

Relaymed streamlines your operations, completely avoiding manual data entry in the process of running POCT.

In its place is an automated arrangement of actions, that eradicates all of the inefficiencies and inaccuracies that manual data entry poses.

When a test is run, there is no piece of paper that needs to be actioned – results enter the patient’s EHR automatically. This allows you to assign staff to value adding tasks and markedly improves productivity.

Work smarter, not harder

Audit Anxiety? Forget About It.

Test data is instantly accessible and 100% accurate.

Audits are time-consuming and stressful for the staff of a primary care practice.

Whether your headache comes from repayments following an insurance audit, or reproval from lack of compliance with CLIA, a tiny slip up in your POCT process can have massive ramifications.

Relaymed takes these worries away. When a dreaded audit comes around, test results and quality controls are instantly accessible, and 100% accurate. This provides a painless process that will protect your revenues.

Be content with compliance

Happy Practice. Happy Patients.

Improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

An efficient practice means satisfied patients.

By using Relaymed, your patients will spend less time waiting on results, and more time discussing their plan. This empowers doctors to do what they do best: diagnosing, counselling and educating their patients to improve outcomes and get the most out of each caregiving experience. Not using their valuable time on administrative duties.

By providing an excellent patient experience, your practice will maintain strong patient satisfaction scores and retention. This is a competitive advantage that puts you ahead of the competition.

Choose clinical excellence

Practical Value.

Unlock value. Protect revenue.

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By choosing Relaymed, you benefit from a range of revenue based value propositions.

Efficiency improvements allow you to room more patients. Higher patient satisfaction scores yields higher retention. Every test that you run is guaranteed to be billed. Accurate test data means that you will never be tripped during an audit.

These factors all act to either create or protect revenue streams across your practice.

The time we can save your practice staff and providers frees them up to complete tasks that actually add value.

Our 7 value propositions