You will eliminate mistakes

Makes getting results to provider & chart accurate

A single test result, such as a UA or CBC, can contain a dozen different numerical values and units. Each data point is an opportunity for error.

No matter how careful a staff member is, transcribing point-of-care test results from paper printouts into the EHR will result in errors. Human error is inevitable if this is your process.

With Relaymed there is no human error, as we’ve eliminated the human from the process. What the provider sees in the chart is exactly what the device resulted. Guaranteed. They can see lab results in real-time and trust the accuracy.

You will maximize quality of process

Make more facetime with clinical staff for patient experience

Quality is the new currency of healthcare. But don’t work harder, work smarter by optimizing and investing in efficient workflows.

In this digital age, aren’t paper printouts crazy? Stop running paper around the office. Stop scanning. Stop worrying about losing paper and the patient safety impact if results are missed. Relaymed means less paper, less work and a digital backup for all results.

Instead, give your team more time to work together on other processes offering better patient care. Allow providers to spend more facetime with patients and increase the quality of appointments and clinical outcomes.

Consumerization of healthcare is here now. Patients will choose their healthcare provider. By providing an excellent patient experience and lab results in the patient portal, your practice will maintain strong patient satisfaction scores and retention. Stay ahead of your competition.

You will optimize workflow efficiency

Make every minute count for patient throughput effectiveness

Improve your point-of-care testing workflow by greatly reducing steps in the process. You will see a significant time decrease per lab test from start to finish.

Improved productivity is the big win. No more wasted effort to manually enter results. No more waiting for instruments to result, now staff can be doing other tasks. Minutes per staff member per test are freed up in your rooming process. Instead use your time taking care of patients.

Staff don’t need to try and get the results to providers faster any more. With all results now automatically in the chart, when providers are in the room with the patient they no longer need to come out to check for results. Instead they can review labs instantly with the patient. Relaymed ensures your workflow stays flowing, never stopping.

Improve Testing Workflow

You will help reduce physician burnout

Make stress a thing of the past, for all

Eliminating manual entry and errors, and optimizing your workflow will make staff and providers happy.

We need to leverage the power of the EHR and make it a tool that reduces physician burnout, and not a burden that increases it. The EHR should be a joy to use and an integration like Relaymed can help in this mission.

As the data hub and single source of truth, the EHR must allow providers to easily access the right data at the right time. For us, that’s having the lab result as soon as they enter the room to meet with the patient. That’s where Relaymed’s automated transmission workflow is so successful, ensuring the provider has this actionable information at the moment they need it. And the stress for staff in the lab trying to get the results manually entered promptly for providers has been completely removed. Even when you’re short on staff, results will now still get transmitted.

Let’s now put a stop to the broken model where clinical staff and providers are undertaking hours of admin work in the evenings, in their pajama time, to ensure all data has been manually entered. With Relaymed all lab results are in the chart at the end of the day. So you can accomplish more and go home on time.

Clinical Benefits

You will stop revenue leakage

Make sure results are actually in the chart

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It’s always the bottom line and it is in our benefits too. You’ve informed your clinical decision with a point-of-care lab test, wouldn’t you want to ensure you billed for this?

Revenue leakage of up to 20% can be caused from tests conducted not being recorded in the EHR. If you are a high volume lab, that’s going to quickly add up. It’s not hard to imagine paper going missing somewhere in a busy practice in a process between staff and providers…

Relaymed ensures that every single test conducted is saved into the EHR. So your billing process can now bill for every single test.

Financial Benefits

You will be compliant with CLIA

Make it easy with an electronic result library

Manual entry into the EHR is bad enough. But doubled up with manual entry into a logbook for CLIA compliance as well is really inefficient.

We understand that you do not want any deficiencies in your laboratory. That’s why Relaymed ensures accurate documentation of everything you need for CLIA compliance — of both patient test results and quality controls. We have you covered, so you can consign paper and logbooks to history.

Your staff training needs are also reduced as steps from the point-of-care testing workflow are eliminated through automation.

With Relaymed you have no worries with the recorded accuracy of your test results. That’s one less thing to worry about when you’re inspected by a CLIA accreditation organization, like COLA or CAP. And we ensure and evidence the accuracy of transmission of results from instruments to the EHR.

CLIA Compliance