Device Interfacing

We're open. We connect with all the leading point-of-care testing devices to create a large and constantly expanding ecosystem.

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Open connectivity

Relaymed is vendor agnostic.

Connecting all devices in multiple ways, including devices with ethernet connectivity or serial output. No need to buy new devices, we connect what you already have! Once set, everything will flow automatically. And of course, our Customer Success Team is there to help every step of the way.

Relaymed Software Agent

Relaymed connects devices via a lightweight software agent installed on a desktop or server. The agent manages connections and moves results securely to our cloud. A single installation can connect all your locations and devices, without the need for individual device drivers. 

Our unidirectional interfaces send patient test and QC results from devices to our cloud, keeping costs low and making our solution scalable and universal. We communicate with devices using all POCT connectivity standards, including HL7, ASTM, and POCT1-A, making it plug and play for you.

Technical Specifications

The Relaymed Software Agent is a lightweight TCP/IP application that is used to facilitate secure communication from your lab instruments to Relaymed.

The PC or Server must meet the following requirements:

  • Any OS supported by Microsoft
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 is installed on the PC or Server
  • Sleep mode has is disabled
  • The PC or Server has a Static IP Address assigned