February 26, 2018

Relaymed & Greenway Health: Partners in Lab Interface Connectivity

Relaymed and Greenway Health have formed a partnership, making it easier than ever before for users of the Greenway PrimeSuite…

Relaymed and Greenway Health have formed a partnership, making it easier than ever before for users of the Greenway PrimeSuite and Intergy EHRs to capture the benefits that our solution brings to point-of-care workflows on the Greenway Marketplace.

The efficiency gains that point-of-care device to EHR connectivity brings to primary care practices improve revenues and patient experience. As a result, medical device integration is a rapidly growing trend throughout the United States healthcare industry. Once a test has been run from a device, the results appear immediately in the Greenway EHR, which frees up doctors and practice staff to focus on what matters the most: patient care. As Greenway recognize the power of these improvements to workflow efficiency, we have partnered in order to afford their clients easier access to the benefits that Relaymed brings.

Partnership Synergy

As part of the recent clinical paradigm shift towards value-based care, the performance of a practice is more important for their incentives than the volume of patients that they room each day. Therefore, any way to improve patient experience can increase revenues. Relaymed and Greenway aim to help our clients adapt to this industry transformation, so that you never have to turn your focus away from serving patients.

The Greenway EHR already aims to provide an excellent user experience, however, they recognize that there are ways of improving this experience. The synergy of our partnership comes from our shared goals; Relaymed is an innovation that aids healthcare companies in supplying a higher quality of healthcare that delivers for all stakeholders. Together, we can improve the nation’s health and, as a result, we can be found directly on their Marketplace. This allows Greenway clients to access Relaymed with total ease—they could be up and running in a matter of days.

Relaymed has been thoroughly tested for security and user experience, allowing us to become a Greenway Certified Partner in order to bring this partnership to the marketplace. This ensures that Relaymed does exactly what we say we do: we work in sync with the Greenway EHR to improve workflow efficiency with total security. So, practices can begin automating point-of-care tests on common CLIA waived and non-waived devices, including the CLINITEK Status and Abbott CELL-DYN Emerald, with total peace of mind.

That means more time for your patients, more revenue for your services and more control over your future.

Relaymed and Greenway share the vision and values to transform US healthcare and make health better for us all.

Relaymed and Greenway: How it works

When we state that Relaymed is built with simplicity in mind, we really mean it. Our EHR integration works seamlessly with Greenway PrimeSuite, using proprietary APIs that are available only to their marketplace partners. This integration ensures an efficient and reliable solution, with a fully optimized workflow, meaning that the utilization of our solution requires minimal effort.

All you have to do is order a test in your EHR, run that test on your chosen device and the results are transmitted via our cloud technology, appearing immediately in your EHR. Then all you have to do is care for your patient by advising them on the clinical outcomes from their results. No clicks, no typing, no effort. It’s that simple. Really.

Our integration with Intergy is built differently, but still has the same seamless workflow, instead utilizing their HL7 orders and results messages.

Now you’re even more adapted to the new healthcare landscape.


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Now it’s easier than ever before for Greenway clients to create a lab device interface with Relaymed. Together, we will free up your time and allow you to do what matters the most — make healthcare better.

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