September 3, 2020

Relaymed wins Technical Innovation Award at 2020 Allscripts Developer Summit

Relaymed received the Technical Innovation award at the recent Allscripts Developer Summit for solving previously unaddressed problems with new innovations….

Relaymed received the Technical Innovation award at the recent Allscripts Developer Summit for solving previously unaddressed problems with new innovations. Relaymed rapidly developed real-time interfaces for new COVID-19 point-of-care tests from the Abbott ID NOW and Quidel Sofia 2 analyzers, to both the EHR and State Health Departments, to enable effective and fast track and trace programs.

With the integration into Allscripts Professional™ and Allscripts TouchWorks® electronic health record platforms providing the requisite patient demographics and provider details for contact tracing, Relaymed combines these with positive test results received from connected devices, to automatically transmit cases to track to the relevant Health Department in real-time. This speed of reporting is a game changer.

“COVID-19 is a test result that must be recorded correctly in the patient chart, with no human transcription error sneaking in. Not just for the sake of the individual patient, but also their family, healthcare workers and the wider community. Furthermore, this is a test result that must be made as widely available as fast as possible, with no delay, to enable effective population health management. We’re honored that Allscripts has recognized the work of our team, and how we’re playing our part to help, with this award,” said Neil Farish, CEO at Relaymed.

“Manual data entry typically means extra steps and an extra burden on the staff and providers of our clients. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our goal has been to minimize the anxiety and difficulty of testing and reporting. Relaymed has significantly reduced concerns, which has enabled our clients to test in greater volumes, with speed and accuracy, which is going to help us overcome the pandemic challenge,” said Tina Joros, Vice President & General Manager, Open & Allscripts Practice Financial Platform.

Allscripts is a leader in EHR interoperability and healthcare information technology solutions that advance clinical, financial and operational results across an Open platform. Featuring the industry’s most innovative Healthcare IT developers, the award-winning Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) speeds time from innovation to implementation to help increase productivity, deliver higher-quality, more personalized care, seamlessly integrate devices, manage population health and much more. Allscripts clients can learn more about Relaymed on the Allscripts Application Store.

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