Lab Connectivity Built for Primary Care.

Your POCT problems are solved!

The sector we built Relaymed for has many names — primary care, outpatient, ambulatory, physician office — so for ease we’ve settled on primary care as our collective term. Basically, Relaymed is for everything outside of the hospital!

Why? Because primary care had a huge problem managing point-of-care testing (POCT) and we knew we could help.

Huge volumes of tests were being conducted — and increasing every year — yet these were still being manually entered into the EHR by staff. This was a crazy waste of time and an opportunity for transcription errors.

But primary care has unique challenges, not recognized by existing connectivity solutions or laboratory information systems (LIS). Force fitting these complex and costly products into practices was not the answer and why connectivity was not available in primary care. Until now.

We built Relaymed from the ground up for primary care. We did this by working with practices and seeing first hand the problems and how they needed to be solved. One such practice was one of the largest urology practices in the US.

urology case study

What do primary care need?

Their needs are unique and challenging for a POC connectivity solution to deliver!

  • An automated solution
  • All compliance logs handled
  • No need to train staff on yet another system
  • Easy to implement themselves
  • Even easier to maintain with no additional burden for IT
  • Device vendor neutral
  • Interface seamlessly with their EHR
  • Scalable from a single provider to hundreds of locations
  • Affordable!

We answered these needs with Relaymed.

Can any other solution meet these needs for you?


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