What’s on myRelaymed?

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myRelaymedThe end user is at the heart of our design. By working alongside our users, we have reached an understanding of how you work. As a result, we have built myRelaymed to cater to everything you need to manage POCT effectively.

myRelaymed Queue

Your queue is the main function of myRelaymed and the first thing you see when you log on. All tests are grouped by what action is required to be taken. For example, if an order cannot be found, or an MRN is incorrect, myRelaymed will order the actions in terms of how time critical they are. Users can filter their queue based on locations and privileges.

Test Reports

As all data is accessible from connected devices, you can generate reports on all test results, for all offices in your network – allowing managers and coordinators to monitor usage and behavior remotely. This is greatly beneficial in improving clinical effectiveness, reducing waste and providing a healthcare that is predictive, rather than curative. You can also instantly retrieve any data required for an audit, going back as far is necessary.

QC Logs

Relaymed automatically captures all Quality Control (QC) samples that are run on POC devices. There is no more need to keep track of these logs with hard copies. This helps your practice maintain CLIA compliance.


Relaymed has different levels of user access, so you can control who has access to data at each of your locations, to ensure that staff can only see the data that is relevant to their work.

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