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When it comes to EHR integration, we’re subject matter experts. No matter which EHR you use, or the communication technology they support, we have a solution for you.

We have no fixed EHR integration methodology, we’re open. Our approach is to integrate in the way that best suits the individual EHR. We do all the heavy lifting and work tirelessly to optimize how results flow from point-of-care devices to your EHR. 

Our EHR ecosystem

We connect to all the market leading EHR vendors in ambulatory care. We’ve built deep technical partnerships to ensure our first class integrations truly are seamless, robust and send results in real-time. Our integrations focus on more than sending in results. We work with each individual EHR to maximize the functionality we’re able to offer customers within the EHR’s existing framework. 

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EHR integration capabilities

Relaymed typically integrates with EHRs in one of three ways to provide real-time bidirectional data exchange: HL7, FHIR or a proprietary API. EHRs often call the way they integrate their lab interface.  


Leveraging the existing HL7 lab interface of an EHR (as may be used by reference labs) allows for a fast and easy integration route. Relaymed uses the outbound orders and inbound results workflow to automate transmission from our cloud. 

The HL7 interface allows an EHR to transmit ORM (orders) messages directly to our cloud. The order contains all of the information Relaymed needs to identify the patient and understand which test results to marry to.

Once Relaymed has received the order, and married with a corresponding test from a connected point-of-care device, we automatically send completed messages to the ORU (results) feed of your EHR. This ensures your results will be filed directly against the order you’ve created. This entire process happens in just a matter of seconds. 

Most EHRs will support HL7 integrations and as we work with the existing EHR HL7 lab interface specifications, there is no requirement for costly customization on your side to integrate. All we need to do is tailor our message formats to suit whatever way the EHR has implemented their HL7 lab interface.


In recent years the HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard has emerged, to define how healthcare information can be exchanged between different systems to enhance interoperability. FHIR is a standard way of defining an application programming interface (API) for healthcare resources.

FHIR is gaining traction among EHR vendors, who have made FHIR APIs available. However, this has typically been for information exchange with available interfaces read only. For our purposes, to submit results, we need to read and write data. 

We see more HL7 integrations moving towards FHIR and we fully expect the number of our EHR integrations using FHIR to increase rapidly as write functionality is supported. This will make new EHR integrations faster and eliminate some of the implementation issues that have commonly led to difficulties in working with HL7 solutions in the past. With FHIR, behavior is more consistent between EHRs and data exchange will become ubiquitous.

Proprietary APIs

Many EHRs have developed their own proprietary APIs to optimize how 3rd party applications can integrate with their products and workflows. 

Although they are distinct to each EHR, proprietary integrations offer efficient and reliable solutions with increased flexibility that fit the needs of our customers. Our unique integrations with these EHRs have been thoroughly tested for user experience and security. As a result, they integrate seamlessly and are fully certified by the EHR before being made available. These integrations can be implemented immediately, and have fully optimized workflows.

Some of our EHR integrations

We have developed commercial partnerships with Allscripts, athenahealth, eClinicalWorks and Experity. This means there are zero interface fees to connect our solution from these vendors. Out of the gate, thanks to our partnerships, that’s saving you thousands of dollars. No other solution can say that. 

Veradigm EHR integration

Relaymed is a proud Veradigm Developer Program (ADP) Partner. This partnership allows Relaymed to create a seamless EHR integration using their proprietary intelligent APIs with both Allscripts Professional and TouchWorks EHRs. Relaymed can be found in the Veradigm App Expo, making it simple for Allscripts clients to implement Relaymed into their POC workflow.

Learn more about our Allscripts partnership
athenahealth EHR integration

Using the proprietary athenahealth API, we created an application to extend core workflows by seamlessly integrating with athenaNET. This interface allows us to deliver a highly tailored user experience to boost practice efficiency for athenahealth clients. 

As part of the athenahealth Marketplace, Relaymed is available to all of athenahealth’s network of healthcare providers, as the solution for clinical device integration in the ambulatory space.

Learn more about our offering with athenahealth

eClinicalWorks EHR integration

Relaymed is the lab middleware partner of choice for eClinicalWorks. As a partner of eClinicalWorks we have worked together to create a seamless and secure HL7 integration for your point of care lab testing devices. 

You can learn more about our partnership with eClinicalWorks on their Partner Integration Page

Learn more about our partnership with eClinicalWorks

Experity EHR integration

DocuTAP and Practice Velocity merged to form Experity, establishing them as the market leader in urgent care. Experity is focused on streamlining operations, improving patient experience and optimizing revenue, making Relaymed the perfect partner for point-of-care testing in the urgent care clinic. We support their platform by utilizing their HL7 lab interface.     

More EHR Integrations

But, our ecosystem extends even further. Epic, Greenway, NextGen plus many other leading ambulatory vendors are also compatible with Relaymed. 

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