What is myRelaymed?

Welcome to your intuitive web based user portal!

myRelaymedAt the heart of Relaymed, is good user experience design. We care, really care, about this. As such, our web portal myRelaymed needed to be something that would ensure positive interaction through usability and accessibility — to make the working lives of our users better.

To do this you need to put the user — or human — at the center of the design process. We built Relaymed by observing and working alongside our users, so we could make the best design decisions on how you aspire to work.

Extensive training required? Absolutely not!

The whole point of invisible, automated middleware is just that. Invisibility. Because myRelaymed is not going to be used, by all end users all the time, it couldn’t be yet another complicated program to learn. You have enough already with the EHR! Our design goal was if you’ve never seen it before, we wanted you to be able to use it. Immediately.

Your Queue

This is the home screen of myRelaymed. Here you’ll find any exceptions — tests that couldn’t be sent automatically to the EHR that you need to take action on. As this will be very infrequent, this is all laid out in groups making it obvious what action needs to be taken. The Queue is unique for each user, showing only what’s relevant (and authorized) to them.

The home of all your POC data

POC coordinators, you’ll soon be here on the portal all the time! This is where you can access all data and create customized reports. Relaymed is your POC data management solution, allowing you to monitor usage and behavior of all users and locations remotely.

Simple setup steps

There’s a little setup work required to get started with Relaymed and make it your own, which is all done here on the portal. You’ll be able to:

  • Manage users and their permission levels
  • Manage and add testing locations
  • Assign devices to locations
  • Configure order types and map to results
  • Set any demographic reference ranges used

Again, we’ve worked to make this an intuitive user experience. But should you need help, our extensive Help Center provides you clear and easy to follow guides. And if you do need help from us, our Onboarding specialists are quickly on hand.

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