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The power of the Relaymed platform.

The automated way to put lab results into your EHR.

Relaymed middleware connects in-house lab testing devices to your EHR, automatically marrying results to orders in real-time.

Every feature in Relaymed to help you move and manage results. Explore them all:

Get automated

It’s easier than easy, it’s automatic.

Result automation

Start your test. Walk away. Relaymed automatically transmits test results from your in-house lab devices to the patient chart. All your previous process steps are removed. With automation manual data entry of results into your EHR is eliminated and your workflow streamlined and efficiency optimized.

Get results instantly

Results will appear immediately in the chart.

Real-time results

Relaymed delivers the test result to the provider instantly. There is no more waiting on someone to circle back to the device or enter the result. Results cross over to the EHR the moment the device completes the test.

Get visibility and control

Manage point-of-care testing from your desk.

Management portal

The Relaymed management portal gives you visibility and control over your point-of-care testing program. View remotely all activities and deal with any issues in real-time to keep your workflow flowing. Manage all your users, devices, tests and locations no matter where they are, and ensure standardization with centralized settings such as reference ranges.

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Get test reports

Compliant patient test reports for CLIA.

Patient test reports

You can view a detailed report for every patient test run. We’ve worked with COLA to make sure that this feature covers your CLIA patient test report obligations. As well as the results, the report also includes performing lab location, patient details, reference ranges, operator, specimen collection date and more.

Get better tracking

Digital QC data, not paper logs.

QC records

Complete point-of-care data management is achieved as quality control (QC) results are also automatically transmitted from devices and saved to the Relaymed management portal. An electronic library of all QCs conducted is created so ensures you have an accurate and reliable record for CLIA compliance.

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Get everything, everywhere connected

Connect as many devices and locations as you need.


Unlimited connections

Relaymed is a solution that can scale from a single physician office to a multi-state network, so you can connect as many providers, disciplines or locations as you need. Our technology also allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices. And as it’s vendor agnostic you can eliminate device specific solutions.

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Get all tests in view

Enter manual tests to save and send.

Manual Test Entry

Manual test entry

It’s not all about devices. Manual test entry allows you to enter ‘manual’ or lateral-flow tests into Relaymed and then send to your EHR. This means that all point-of-care tests you conduct are available for you to view and manage in a single portal, ensuring consistency across all types.

Get results to your state

Automatically submit in real-time.

State Reporting

State reporting

Automatically report infectious disease results to public agencies in real-time. Relaymed utilizes the Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) interface with state departments of health. Reporting is required by law and this can now be complied with automatically, for both device and lateral-flow tests, eliminating all manual processes.

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