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The power of the Relaymed platform.

The automated way to put lab results into your EHR. Relaymed middleware connects in-house lab testing devices to your EHR, automatically marrying results to orders in real-time.

Forget about a feature bloated and expensive laboratory information system (LIS). Here’s the key features you actually need to get faster, accurate results to treat patients when they need it most.

Get automated

It’s easier than easy, it’s automatic.


It’s time to eliminate the human from the process. With Relaymed, results are transmitted automatically from devices into your EHR. Just start the test and walk away.

There is no further user action required, no other screen or program and zero clicks to make. No other connectivity or lab solution can do this. Automate to achieve true device to EHR data flow.


Get results instantly

Results will appear immediately in the chart.


Thanks to our sophisticated use of technology and interfaces, Relaymed transfers results instantly into your EHR. So as soon as the result completes on the device, it’s in the chart.

Take control of your workflow and better track patient lab results in real-time.

Get seamlessly integrated

Results will appear as if manually entered.


Our EHR integrations have been built to be seamless. All results are married to orders and put in the EHR. All results appear in the EHR exactly as if they had been manually entered. In the same place, in the same way. Just now without any effort from staff.

Our leading integrations are with Allscripts, athenahealth and eClinicalWorks. But we work with a host of other EHRs too!

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Get all devices connected

You can connect as many devices as you want.


With a Relaymed subscription you can connect as many devices as you want. There is no limit with our technology. And we don’t charge extra for each device, as that’s just not fair. So if you have one device or hundreds, we’ve got you covered.

Relaymed is also completely device vendor agnostic. Everyone you work with, we do too.

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Get all locations connected

Multiple locations are not a problem on the cloud.



Hundreds of different locations to connect? No problem. Want to pilot at a single location and then scale out? No problem. All possible because Relaymed is built on the cloud.

The cloud is smart, scalable and most important of all — secure.

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Get hands on

Your myRelaymed portal is your data toolbox.


Relaymed gives you much more than middleware. Now your data has been captured, you want to see it and use it. Simply fire up any browser and myRelaymed is your web portal to access your data in any place, at any time.

This is where you can take a deeper dive into your data, to analyze, manage, troubleshoot and build reports. It’s also where all configuration is conducted, for all tests, locations and users, making setup easy.


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Get into your data

Everything you ever wanted to know is here.


All patient results and quality controls are stored in our database, forever. This means that you can review your data, at your leisure.

You can see if quality controls have been conducted, how many tests were run, which results were abnormal. All your data is here to analyze.

And if you’re a POC coordinator you no longer need to dash between remote locations to monitor them, creating a so called ‘sneakernet’. Instead you can do this from your desk. So if you have a practice down the street or in another state, it’s covered.

Get your workflow flowing

Quickly and easily rectify any problems.


If a result can’t cross over into your EHR, you’ll catch it here in your exception queue. You’ll see all results which need action, with a clear reason why so you can quickly resolve.

And this is not just for the administrator, your lab staff can troubleshoot their own issues.

As this won’t be used often, the queue is designed for instant ease of use. With a simple and intuitive interface, you won’t have to train staff how to use it either.

Get alerted

Rest assured that all is flowing.


It won’t happen often, but never worry about missing those exceptions. With automated alerts users and admins can be notified by email when they do.

If you have multiple locations, no problem, as this can be set per location.

Get managing

Includes features you thought you’d need an LIS for.


Realymed is your LIS alternative. Features you need to manage your point-of-care testing that were once only available in an LIS are also included:

  • Levey-Jennings charts
  • Reagent lot tracking
  • Demographic reference ranges
  • Abnormal flags
Why you don't need an LIS

Get a digital log

An accurate digital backup for all results.


All your data is stored, forever. This ensures you will always have an accurate backup of all your point-of-care testing data.

Like patient results, quality controls (QCs) are automatically captured too. Now you have an instant digital QC log and can forget about keeping paper logs. But you can print it, if you really need to!

You can download all your data so you can play with it. This is great if you love a spreadsheet, and also if you are being inspected.

Get reporting

Everything you have to show, you can.


The Relaymed reporting feature covers you for the standard test report for CLIA regulations at 493.1291.

Everything that needs to be on the final presentable patient test report, you’ll have. And we’ve worked with COLA to make sure. The report includes performing lab location, patient details, reference ranges, operator, specimen collection date. The lot.

Thought you needed a laboratory information system (LIS) to do all this? Now think again, with Relaymed.

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