March 21, 2018

Why Choose Relaymed? Our Clients’ Perspectives

As point-of-care (POC) testing becomes increasingly prevalent in primary care, practices face the challenge of adding yet another workload on…

As point-of-care (POC) testing becomes increasingly prevalent in primary care, practices face the challenge of adding yet another workload on top of their busy schedules. As a result, an industry-wide search has commenced for solutions and software that will alleviate the burden and improve workflow efficiency with EHR’s.

A laboratory information system (LIS) is often the first potential option that is encountered in this search, due to their popularity in acute care. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that is regularly made throughout primary care. In this environment, an LIS is more trouble than it’s worth, due to its complexity and prohibitively high cost—punctuated by an outdated need for servers and maintenance.

These problems are lamented throughout primary care, which has lead a myriad of practices towards Relaymed.

Relaymed: POC connectivity for primary care

We shared a questionnaire amongst our clients to gain their insight on why they chose Relaymed. The response lined up exactly with our goal: to deliver the specific benefits an LIS brings to primary care in a package that is is affordable, quick to implement and easy to utilize.

We extracted some of the key, recurring points, to show why Relaymed is the correct choice for our clients.

Easy implementation

It’s easy to implement and requires little to no maintenance for our end-users and technical support.

This all starts with the Relaymed cloud. Instead of installing costly servers, Relaymed is entirely cloud-based, which makes implementation so simple. As there is no requirement for local servers, or any significant hardware, there is no ongoing maintenance—it’s all handled remotely, in the cloud.

This is a compelling offer to practices that are concerned about the potential expense of introducing a solution to help manage POC testing. Without these server costs, we are able to offer a solution that does exactly what primary care needs from an LIS, for a fraction of the price.

The true LIS alternative

Relaymed is an innovative way to integrate POC testing without using an LIS. The operation costs are so low.

Relaymed was specifically designed as the LIS alternative for primary care. It offers a wealth of features above and beyond device to EHR connectivity, including quality controls, reference ranges, abnormality flags and so much more. By stripping away all the features of an LIS that are unnecessary in primary care, it comes at a far more affordable price range.

Vastly improved workflows

Relaymed is the absolute right choice to assist us in standardizing workflows and to aid in reporting.

Relaymed delivers a lab interface that greatly benefits practices that are struggling to manage their POC workflows. Our clients have tried it first hand and have found that the consistency across their POC reporting and workflow means that Relaymed is the absolute right choice.

The digital employee

I count on Relaymed as sort of an employee. I want the test results to hit the chart for the doctor’s review with no errors.

With the human error and wasteful labor costs involved with manually entering POC test results, many of our clients have come to think of Relaymed as a ‘digital employee’ and, in a sense, that’s exactly what we are.

While reducing the burden of data entry on staff, Relaymed also guarantees error-free transcription:

By implementing this ‘digital employee’, your practice can follow in the footsteps of our existing clients and “grow volume while reducing the cost and time spent on lab administration“, as one of our clients put it. The benefits of employing an additional staff member, but at far reduced cost, lead to a significant and immediate return on investment. See for yourself, with our ROI calculator.

Ultimately this digital employee, frees up your valued staff for more pertinent matters and allows them to focus on what they do best: care for patients. This renewed focus on patient care also yields a significant increase in satisfaction scores, which results in happy patients!

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