February 24, 2020

Spirometry testing now supported by Relaymed

Point-of-care doesn’t just mean lab. There is more to point-of-care testing than devices covered by CLIA. To provide a whole…

Point-of-care doesn’t just mean lab. There is more to point-of-care testing than devices covered by CLIA. To provide a whole physician office solution, we’re very excited to announce that we are expanding our portfolio to other diagnostic devices, with spirometry as our first ‘non-lab’ devices.

Physician offices using spirometers encounter the exact same issues as lab testing, with time wasted manually entering results and the opportunity for error this gives, so this was a logical expansion for us. Relaymed can now integrate spirometry tests into your clinical workflow and send all results instantly, and accurately, into your EHR. See our device connections page for our full portfolio.

We’re delighted to expand the benefits of Relaymed with our first spirometry solutions from market leaders ndd — with the EasyOne Air and Easy on-PC — which are also available under the McKesson brand. Relaymed automatically sends discrete data and pdf reports from these devices directly into a patient’s chart.

And what’s very cool, is this will cost nothing more for our customers as Relaymed has no limit on device connections.

What is a spirometry test?

Spirometry is a common office test used to assess how well your lungs work by measuring how much air you inhale, how much you exhale and how quickly you exhale. This test is used to diagnose asthma, COPD and other lung diseases that affect breathing. Spirometry may also be used periodically to monitor your lung condition and check whether a treatment for a chronic lung condition is helping you breathe better.

A spirometry test requires you to breathe into a tube attached to a machine called a spirometer. A spirometer measures the amount of air you can breathe out in one second and the total volume of air you can exhale in one forced breath. These measurements will be compared with a normal result for someone of your age, height and sex, which will help show if your lungs aren’t working properly.

COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and is a progressive disease that makes it hard to breathe. COPD can cause wheezing, shortness of breath and coughing. 12 million adults in the US are thought to have undiagnosed COPD, highlighting the need for better diagnosis. By making the workflow for spirometry testing easier, faster and more accurate we’re looking to help make a difference.

To find out more about our new spirometry connectivity solution and how we can help your physician office, reach out and request a 1:1 demo now.

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