December 6, 2020

RALS vs. Relaymed

You may have, or are looking at, Alere RALS as a point-of-care data management solution. But RALS was designed for…

You may have, or are looking at, Alere RALS as a point-of-care data management solution. But RALS was designed for use by hospitals, not in primary care. Relaymed is a better, more appropriate solution built for your physician office laboratory. Why?

  1. Affordable
  2. Automated workflow
  3. Easy to implement

Finally, POC connectivity is affordable! Relaymed is cloud-based, meaning that there’s no need for costly on-premise servers in order to equip it into your POC workflow. There are no gigantic upfront license fees or annual support fees! As a subscription as a service (SaaS) solution, it is just an affordable and scalable monthly payment based on your number of providers. Relaymed has NO extra fees for each device you wish to connect — there is no limit on devices and it’s all included in your monthly subscription, so Relaymed can offer open connectivity to ALL your lab testing equipment.

The bottom line: for POC data management, Alere RALS involves far more cost and complexity than it’s worth.

Connected devices transmit every test result to the EHR with 100% accuracy — automatically and instantly. There is no user intervention required, making Relaymed the ultimate solution in workflow efficiency. Through this process, no test result is left undocumented, ensuring complete records for billing purposes. Quality Control (QC) logs are also completed automatically, saving you from unwanted audit anxiety. All the reports and data management you need are immediately available on our web portal, where you can manage all your office locations from remotely.

Onboarding could hardly be simpler and can be completed in 5 days, or much less if you’re super organized! Relaymed can be setup simply, and inexpensively, just about anywhere. You can forget about huge IT resources and staff training. If you need help, our Onboarding Specialists can guide you through setup so you can launch faster to start making the most of your Relaymed subscription.

Can Alere RALS deliver that for you? And don’t just take it from us, here’s what our customers have to say.

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