March 21, 2019

An Ecosystem of Innovation and Data

What’s important to you when you think of innovation in healthcare IT? From our perspective, it’s about collaborations that improve…

What’s important to you when you think of innovation in healthcare IT? From our perspective, it’s about collaborations that improve healthcare as a whole — health IT is a team sport, after all. This must be done by creating an ecosystem of innovation and data, one that puts the EHR at the center.

The EHR is THE only place patient data should be stored and, as such, ought to be reliable and 100% accurate. So should we not, as innovators, do whatever we can to make this single source of truth as effective and accurate as possible?

Relaymed is part of this envisaged healthcare IT ecosystem of innovation and data. It ensures that all patient data from point-of-care testing (POCT) is saved in the EHR with 100% certainty and accuracy.

A community — the Allscripts way

Allscripts understands that, in order to make their EHRs work more effectively, they have to utilize a community of healthcare IT innovators. To give their clients the benefit of simpler, faster, and more user-friendly EHRs, they launched the Allscripts Developer Program (ADP). The ADP sees Allscripts lead the way into the future of EHRs by optimizing their own offerings through an ecosystem of partner apps. They recognize that there are, of course, limitations to what an EHR can do by itself.

Relaymed, as one of their most effective, most trusted, and most value-adding innovation partners can now be found as a Featured Application on the Allscripts Application Store thanks to how much we’ve helped Allscripts TouchWorks and Allscripts Professional EHR users.

What does Relaymed do? It makes the EHR user’s life easier by automating the process of collecting point-of-care (POC) test results. POC connectivity brings value to the user by ending the manual labor associated with the POC workflow, freeing up a ton of time that can be redistributed to what matters the most — the patients.

Check out the numbers to date. Time is the most valuable commodity in a physician practice, which is why so many of the innovations on the ADP add value by reducing tasks, and why Relaymed has excelled under this value framework.

As an invisible middleware, Relaymed is barely noticeable in your workflow. The user experience is the lack of experience, in a manner of speaking — just onboard and forget about entering test results manually. The automation element is key. It wouldn’t make sense to move from paper to digital and increase the administrative burden now, would it? Automating the POC connectivity removes the administrative burden entirely. You’ll only notice the time that you save on a daily basis.

What does the future of healthcare look like?

We’re not saying that apps, alone, will bring about the future of healthcare. But they ARE an important part of a healthcare IT ecosystem of innovation and data. And that IS the future of healthcare.

Innovation and data must be part of an ecosystem that puts the EHR at the center, as the single source of truth.

By fostering this idea of a healthcare IT ecosystem — one that shares data throughout the industry and enables predictive caregiving — we are beginning to see just what healthcare can become. We don’t have to be behind industries like finance and manufacturing anymore. It’s time to start looking to the future. The future is innovation and automation that puts the EHR at the center of an ecosystem.

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