March 11, 2019

Relaymed and Allscripts: From strength to strength

It’s been a while since we last posted an updated on our partnership with Allscripts. Now, through the continued and…

It’s been a while since we last posted an updated on our partnership with Allscripts. Now, through the continued and accelerated success of our collaboration, there’s a lot to tell.

Relaymed has graduated from a certified Allscripts application to the status of Featured Application, for both Professional and TouchWorks EHRs. As a Featured Application, we are not only a trusted partner of Allscripts but considered amongst the most valuable partner applications that they can offer their clients. Find us on the Allscripts Application Store. In the meantime, read on and find out just what all the fuss is about and why so many Allscripts clients are using Relaymed.

The numbers (and counting!)

This journey started when Relaymed joined the Allscripts Developer Program (ADP). The ADP allows Allscripts users to improve their EHR workflows by introducing them to new products and disruptive technologies because, like Relaymed, Allscripts is committed to improving healthcare. They do this by providing the best EHR user experience possible and maximizing it’s value by cultivating a connected community of healthcare across their partner apps on the Allscripts Application Store. In Relaymed’s case, this is all about automation that allows for more valuable time with patients.

In just the last year alone, we have nearly doubled the number of lab tests Allscripts clients have sent through our point-of-care (POC) connectivity solution — from 150,000 to 267,225 (and counting!). That’s exponential growth, proving how robust and reliable Relaymed is with both Allscripts Professional and TouchWorks EHRs.

A colossal 8,908 hours of staff time saved!

Given that automation saves staff a minimum of 2-minutes typing per test, we’re looking at a colossal 8,908 hours of saved manual labor. Time that is protected and redistributed to what matters the most — the patients.

By utilizing Relaymed, you will improve staff and provider productivity, reducing the cost of care and unlocking an instant return on investment (ROI). In fact, Allscripts just listed Relaymed as one of the top 3 technologies to save you money! Check out our ROI calculator now and understand just how much your ambulatory practice could benefit financially. SPOILER ALERT — it’s a lot!

Seamless integration

Allscripts count the success of their partnerships through data shares — now at a staggering 5 billion. Relaymed has contributed greatly to this through our seamless integration, collecting orders, patient demographics, and saving results. Our integration is completely automated and invisible to end users, which is the ultimate goal for technology solutions to aspire to. That’s why it’s so good — it doesn’t add to your workflow, it only takes away from it.

As a certified application for both Allscripts Professional and TouchWorks EHRs, users can integrate Relaymed seamlessly into their POC workflow. Unlike using an overcomplicated laboratory information system (LIS) for POC data management, we don’t rely on outdated and costly servers, that come with a laborious onboarding process and ongoing maintenance — you can be up and running in a matter of hours. What’s more, as an Allscripts partner application there are no lab interface fees.

Follow the lead of our many existing Allscripts clients and unlock the benefits today. You’ll be amazed by how well it works and how quickly you and your staff will be benefiting. Find out more about our Allscripts integration. It’s all possible, with Allscripts and Relaymed.

Award winning & on the Allscripts Application Store!

Allscripts know it (4 awards – and counting; Featured Application), Allscripts clients know it — now it’s time for you to discover that it’s all possible. Head over to the Allscripts Application Store and integrate Relaymed into your workflow.

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