September 27, 2019

Relaymed wins Allscripts Client Experience Award!

Relaymed received the Allscripts Client Experience Award at the recent Allscripts Developer Summit for building true partnerships with clients and…

Relaymed received the Allscripts Client Experience Award at the recent Allscripts Developer Summit for building true partnerships with clients and always putting the client first to improve their experience.

Every year clinicians manually enter billions of point-of-care test results from paper printouts into the EHR. This is a time-consuming process, as a single test result can contain a dozen different numerical values and units. Each data point is an opportunity for error.

Relaymed automates this process, eliminating manual effort and mistakes, allowing clinical staff to have more facetime with patients to improve their experience. This is a testament to the need for solutions to automate manual processes in healthcare.

Relaymed has worked hard in collaboration with clients to ensure their testing workflow works seamlessly with their Allscripts EHR, releasing new features in a short turnaround time. These new gains are massive for their clients as staff are no longer caught up in the process.

“We work with all of our Allscripts clients in close partnership. It’s the only way to ensure the success of the solution. We listen to and learn from our clients every week to ensure we meet their needs by continuously improving our product. This is where true value is found,” said Neil Farish, CEO at Relaymed.

Relaymed is disrupting typical healthcare IT timelines of months and quarters by delivering new features and improvements to their customers fast, within days or even hours from the client request. Relaymed is able to do this thanks to their innovative cloud-based solution and an understanding that client’s needs must be met as fast as their business — and quality of patient care can’t stand still.

This award from Allscripts recognizes this approach and the superior client experience it brings.

“We’re proud to recognize Relaymed for their outstanding dedication to client experience and continuous effort to facilitate streamlining the workflows that can slow practices down. In a busy physician practice, time is the most precious resource. That’s why Relaymed is a standout application for our Client Experience award,” said Tina Joros, Vice President & General Manager, Open & Allscripts Practice Financial Platform.

Allscripts is a leader in EHR interoperability and healthcare information technology solutions that advance clinical, financial and operational results across an Open platform. Featuring the industry’s most innovative Healthcare IT developers, the award-winning Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) speeds time from innovation to implementation to help increase productivity, deliver higher-quality, more personalized care, seamlessly integrate devices, manage population health and much more. Allscripts clients can learn more about Relaymed on the Allscripts Application Store.

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