April 17, 2018

Allscripts App of the Month for April 2018

Our long-standing and successful partnership with Allscripts was built via the Allscripts Developer Program (ADP). The ADP was launched in…

Our long-standing and successful partnership with Allscripts was built via the Allscripts Developer Program (ADP). The ADP was launched in order to source the best applications to support Allscripts’ Professional and TouchWorks EHRs. It doesn’t aim to overload these EHRs with additional features, rather, the ADP seeks applications that will seamlessly improve their client’s experience, without adding to their workflow — the best of which they recognize as the Allscripts App of the Month.

Allscripts App of the Month!

Through our partnership, we are both delighted and honored to be announced as Allscripts App of the Month for April. This award recognizes Relaymed as a trustworthy and value-adding application for Allscripts’ clients. Allscripts are promoting via a webinar to their clients so they can ensure as many practices as possible can benefit from our solution.

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In a busy physician’s practice, time is the most precious resource — especially time spent with patients. As a result, the Allscripts developer applications that enable more time for caregiving, by eliminating unnecessary uses of labor, tend to be the most popular. This is how Relaymed works. And it can work for you too.

Relaymed connects point-of-care devices directly to the EHR, automating the transmission of in-house lab test results such as urinalysis, CBC, and flu. Relaymed has helped Allscripts clients save hundreds of thousands of test results automatically to their EHR, in addition to saving thousands of hours of staff and provider time in the process. With this functionality, we are a key member of the Allscripts developer community.

Connecting a Community of Healthcare

Our application and brand align perfectly with Allscripts goal of creating an open, connected community of healthcare. Both parties understand that this attitude is vital in progressing our healthcare from the curative and volume-based care of the past to more effective predictive care, that is based on the quality of outcomes rather than the number of patients that a practice is able to room per day. Since incentives rely on this value over volume mentality, practices across the United States are looking for ways to improve the quality of healthcare that they provide. Together, Relaymed and Allscripts can help.

Point-of-care testing presents a number of challenges to the primary care practice. The error-laden and laborious process of manual data entry is wasteful of human resources as well as holding up appointments—and that’s before you consider the impact transcription errors have on patient care, audits and incentives.

Practices believed that they would require a laboratory information system (LIS) to address these issues, however, these systems are built for acute care, not ambulatory, and aren’t sufficiently affordable or user-friendly for use in primary care. We have considered these issues and concocted the perfect remedy.

We add to the value of the EHR but that’s not all. Our device connectivity application adds considerably to the data community that has formed between the Allscripts partner apps. With our access to critical data from users, patients, test results and orders, we have contributed greatly to the 3.5 billion data shares that have occurred across our partner app community. These data shares are now available to over 180,000 physicians and healthcare providers which, again, is beneficial in providing a higher quality of healthcare.

Relaymed is a proven and certified integration with both Allscripts Professional and Allscripts TouchWorks EHRs. In order to become an Allscripts partner app, we passed a rigorous series of tests, to ensure that user experience and security are of the highest standards. You can see how our integration works seamlessly with Allscripts here.

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The main purpose of the Allscripts App of the Month campaign is to ensure that more practices can learn and easily benefit from the wealth of technology out there.

To learn more about Relaymed and how we work with Allscripts, visit the Allscripts Application Store, or join us for the Allscripts App of the Month Webinar on Tuesday, April 24, 1 p.m. Eastern time. Take just 30 minutes from your day to hear first-hand from Neil Farish, CEO, Relaymed and Allscripts client Phillip Bressoud MD from University of Louisville Physicians.

Follow the lead of our existing Allscripts clients and unlock the benefits today. What’s more, as a certified ADP partner, the lab interface fee is waived, so won’t cost you anything upfront. We are the only POC connectivity solution that can make this claim, giving Allscripts clients a great reason to start subscribing to Relaymed.


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