April 6, 2020

Relaymed now 4-time Allscripts App of the Month!

Ok, this is getting awkward… we’re honored to be named by Allscripts as their App of the Month for a…

Ok, this is getting awkward… we’re honored to be named by Allscripts as their App of the Month for a record 4th time! We know, again?

Allscripts App of the Month

But on a very serious note, this is thanks to the recent launch of our interface for the new molecular point-of-care test from Abbott for the detection of COVID-19 — and because we’re a solution Allscripts know can give their clients precious time back to help alleviate the strain on their services through this pandemic.

A huge percentage of the population have embraced new technology and tools to work from home more efficiently during the measures imposed to help suppress the COVID-19 pandemic. Wouldn’t now be the ideal time to do likewise at your practice, to make your workflow more efficient?

Relaymed exists to put lab results automatically and securely into your EHR.

Saving time can help your practice better cope through this challenging period. One way we can help is by showing you how to connect your in-house lab results to streamline workflows, especially with the expected additional workload presented by COVID-19 testing. Think of the stress you could relieve and the precious time you could give back by automating this process. Staff could instead spend that time on more meaningful tasks, such as rescheduling appointments, procedures and referrals impacted by the outbreak.

And once this is all over, which it will be, that time could be used for increasing facetime with patients. Wouldn’t that be an amazing positive to take out of all this — to change behavior for the better and create a new normal?

We’re delighted to be a partner on the Allscripts Developer Program and embrace their philosophy of an Open platform. Together we really are building connected communities of health. Saving results from leading point-of-care device vendors (like Abbott) instantly into the patient’s chart in Allscripts Professional EHR and Allscripts TouchWorks EHR is our role in enabling the healthcare IT ecosystem.

To educate their clients on our solution as Allscripts App of the Month and the time it can save, Allscripts are hosting a webinar where they’ll also give an inside look on the success Community Care Physicians have had with Relaymed, which is awesome. Spaces are limited, so get on the guest list today.

Get on the guest list

Allscripts clients can learn more about Relaymed and why we’re Allscripts App of the Month on the Allscripts Application Store.



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