Need more convincing?

Relaymed comes with many benefits. As well as improving labor efficiency, we guarantee complete digital accuracy so that you have no need to worry about data integrity. As soon as you have run a test the results are accurately and securely made available for the doctor in the EHR.

Ultimately, we promise to increase labor productivity from the moment you subscribe. This instant return on investment saves you money in three key ways:

  1. Eliminating the unproductive hours staff spend on manual data entry admin.
  2. Putting an end to the pointlessly wasted time doctors spend waiting on test results.
  3. Avoiding the estimated 20% of undocumented test results ensuring all tests are billed.

Happy clients

“We use Relaymed in our lab to transfer urinalysis results, metabolic panels, liver panels and flu tests. Taking operator error out of the equation helps ensure accurate data populates the patient chart.”

Saundra, MD Pediatrics

“Relaymed has been one of the most cost effective and easy implementations that we have made. The application has vastly improved our clinic workflow… decreasing user generated errors and allowing our clinic staff to focus on patient care.”

Apryl, Covenant Medical Group

“We were finding our testing procedure to be time consuming and inefficient so we sought out a device connectivity solution. Relaymed stood above its competitors thanks to their ease of use, responsiveness and willingness to take our specific needs into consideration.

Since we implemented their service, we now have it live on 120 devices across 30 locations. We are absolutely delighted with the impact it has had on labor productivity. We also find the data analytics tool incredibly useful as it has helped us to understand how we can cut down on reagent waste.”

Christy, Clinicas Mi Doctor

Competitive edge

Existing solutions should be considered obsolete. Their inefficient user experience and dated costing model are not conducive to the fast paced environment of a modern physician’s office. You just need results, instantly. So we created Relaymed to provide a better user experience in every way.

As we have partnered with the major EHR and device vendors, we are more efficient, easier to operate and more cost effective than all our competitors.

We are cost effective, as we connect your devices using a SaaS payment structure. That means no prohibitive upfront costs, maintenance fees or drawn out installation process. As we already partner with the major EHRs, you won’t have to pay additional connection charges either.

Relaymed is fast, focussed and forward looking. And now you know.